Concentration – the key
to good performance

Bio-Strath – for a
lifetime of well-being!

For all ages
Increases energy
Supports mental clarity and focus
Enhances well-being


Combat fatigue and stress

With limited time to relax, modern lifestyles can easily leave you fatigued and stressed. High quality food supplements can go a long way in relieving this stress and leaving you more energised.

The daily demands of work, family and school are a drain on our energy. A heavy workload, lack of relaxation and a poor diet quickly leave us tired and stressed. Relief comes in the form of a high quality, traditional Swiss product that has already provided evidence in countless scientific studies of its efficacy in fighting symptoms such as these - Bio-Strath.

Based on a special process, Bio-Strath Food Supplements have been manufactured in Herrliberg in the canton of Zurich since 1961, and have proved their
value in many areas of life.

The key to the Bio-Strath formula is the "good food yeast" known as Saccharomyces cerevisiae. These herbal yeast cells are very similar to our own cells. The nutritive value of herbal yeast places it high on the super foods list, because it provides us with a complete spectrum of macro and micronutrients.

Bio-Strath is available from Health
Food Stores and selected Pharmacies

Always read the label and use as directed

Supplementary to a balanced diet

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