Fermentation Room: Production of the plasmolysed Bio-Strath herbal yeast by fermentation in four stainless steel vats with capacities of 12,000 litres each. No heating, no addition of synthetically produced substances, natural preservation. The finished food supplement is pumped through a closed-circuit pipeline to the automated filling and packaging line.

Law of minima

The body must be supplied with all vital substances which it does not produce itself, in accordance with the law of minima. If the absolute minimum is not achieved as a result of the absence of a single active substance, there may be a negative effect on health. (Swiss Food Manual)

Bio-Strath dietary supplements are prepared from a natural culture of liquefied Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast (bakers' yeast type) grown on sugar beet molasses and selected herbs. This is a patent process where the yeast cells mature and naturally de-activate by rupturing (breaking down) the cell wall, thus the nutrient contents are released in superfine particles to enhance their absorption into the body.

We require approximately 100 different nutrients every day. Bio-Strath offers 61 of these in a perfect form. For a detailed chemical analysis of Bio-strath, see Analyses (pdf).

This explains why more than 36 scientific studies on Bio-Strath proved how advantageous this product is in providing nutritional support during pregnancy, for childrens immune systems and for mental clarity and focus, for athletes, people recuperating after operations or spending a long time on a sickbed, for patients receiving chemotherapy and radiation, as well as for mental clarity in older persons.

Bio-Strath has been proven to offer excellent support in all these areas - by bringing order and balance to the body. For more information, see:

Herbal Yeast Leaflet (pdf)
What is special about Bio-Strath Food Supplements? (pdf)
or visit www.bio-strath.ch

Bio-Strath is available from Health
Food Stores and selected Pharmacies

Always read the label and use as directed

Supplementary to a balanced diet

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