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Are you looking for a new way to improve your health and vitality? Then we here at Bio-Strath may have the solution for you! We are the NZ wide suppliers of the revolutionary Bio-Strath, a well-researched Swiss herbal nutritional supplement.

The body must be supplied with all vital substances, which it does not produce itself, according to the Swiss Food Manual. If the absolute minimum is not achieved, there may be a negative effect on our health. Luckily, Bio-Strath offers 61 of the 100 different nutrients our bodies need every day in a perfect form.These supplements are 100% natural, with NO preservatives and NO sugar.

More than 36 scientific studies have proven how advantageous Bio-Strath is in providing nutritional support during pregnancy, mental clarity and focus for athletes, and recuperative powers for people with injuries and diseases. So contact us today on
0800 782 3859 for more information or look for it in your local health shop and selected pharmacy's.
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Vital Substances – The Key to life

Vital substances are essential constituents, which allow the smooth functioning of all metabolic processes.These substances are the basis of the recommendation to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. Many of these valuable active ingredients can also be found in herbs, yeast, green tea and even red wine. 

The high-quality Strath herbal yeast, prepared from a natural culture of liquefied saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast, has many positive effects on metabolism.  

The complex nature of the numerous constituents means a specific active ingredient, such as iron, can become more bioavailable and be better taken up by the body than if it were taken alone.

Bio Strath herbal products
Bio Strath nutritional suppliment

Where Did Bio-Strath All Begin?

Bio-Strath was formulated over 50 years ago in Switzerland by a bio-chemist, Dr Walter Strathmeyer. He understood the body’s need for a bioavailable nutritional supplement, and after much research and development, finally perfected what we now know as Bio-Strath.

The following principles apply in the production process:
  • Preserving the natural state of the active substances
  • No addition of artificially produced substances
  • No preservatives, only natural preservation
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